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11:25:07 AM i never called myself a child of god. u do not even know me and if anyone is the DEVIL its u. look how u have done me
08:00:45 AM Praying You call yourself a child of God but you are really the devil.
06:44:30 AM i wish u would cum c me. IMU ILU
06:34:02 AM you dont have a manand if u think u do, lolololol, hahaha, uhave lost it. u r no more than a cheap dime store whore for hire, lolol,
06:33:17 AM want 2 cum c u its getting late r u home yet?im not sure if u can reply or not im texting u from a laptap but u can call
02:34:39 AM Textinghome.com you been talking to my man
12:10:09 AM please call me i really wanna hear ur voice handsome
08:00:28 PM really and why? so u can hang up on me? or so u can tell me u wanna or dont wanna see me? or so u can demand a pic of my tits ?
06:17:57 PM Textinghome.com if you can call me
06:16:29 PM Textinghome.com Ya salio tu mami?
06:00:55 PM I mean I do but you dont want me to care or know. FINE AS FUCKING FROG HAIR!!!! so ow go fuck yourself. U cant be nice to me, OK
05:59:28 PM I have NEVER wanted to know what you were doing. Ihave never asked you. I do know that you do not wanna see me. so who cares ?
05:49:54 PM i dont wanna anymore
05:29:34 PM I love sexy girls Love sexy girls
04:52:03 PM Textinghome.com I put in for subway and jones petroleum for a part time forklift
02:14:08 PM July Once I think about it A new month of you NOT NEEDING to KNOW WHAT I AM DOING
12:27:16 PM Yo Yo let me know if you need it or not
10:15:21 AM do you know how much i truly love uadore u want u need u desire u? no i guess u never took the time to know me well enough
07:32:20 AM Phone off Add me on messenger phone off
04:32:21 PM Drugs If Alize is high your going to jail period
02:05:36 PM Please come Please come to the CBC Nursery Desk.
03:43:18 AM it is good to know u have a boogie board to dance on. thriling as that sounds for u, it onlyhurts me. but hey, thats what u have me 4
03:12:53 AM being hateul to me brings u joy, so be it. like i toldu before, i could never be that way toward u.. hurting u would hurt me
03:10:22 AM i dont even know what that means and honestly do not care. hatever it means its just as tacky as the bedmates u seem to lust over
02:35:50 AM hey Let me get the boogieboard plz
09:43:54 PM Ey Brook Sorry for blowin up ur phone can you unblock me ? Lovan 347-530-7886
06:19:47 PM make sure i was doing bad, or worse than u were. that gave u pleasure. if roles were reversed, i would have still put u first. always
06:18:07 PM for that but i could never have made u unhappy or treat u so badly to retain my happiness the way u did me. to want to see me and
06:16:14 PM being in this aweful place and living through the horrible things ive endured in my lifetime. u have always had a wonderful life and im glad
06:14:25 PM to see me hurt unhappy, and alone. well u got what u wanted for sure. if this makes u so god damn happy, i guess that as my reason for
06:12:58 PM with u well not that it makesa shit but NEVER will i EVER let anyone in that way again. i guess thats what u were hoping for
06:11:41 PM real with anyone and i use to have confidence but thats all gone now. my heart was warm and now its ice cold, the lack of inhibitions
06:09:20 PM someone would want tohurt me like u did. they see i have changed. im a recluse and i use to be outgoing. im a loner now afraid to be
06:07:31 PM never gave a shit it was a big fucking game for u and hey, the only loser was me, yeah......the people that do know me cannot believe that
06:05:38 PM it was only me so no big deal. but i bet u didnt knoiw or care how much it affected me huh?how i still cry almost everyday knowing u
06:03:02 PM only made u feel that much better. did u know she would send me tacky emails? probably so, but i meant nothing so who cared right?
06:01:29 PM you feel like shit so u would call me to make urself feel better. i know that now. asking for pictures of my tits so she would find them
05:59:55 PM i know u keep me blocked. i know u never cared about me just a fuck, a hookup. o got that. the only time u called was when ur whore made
05:36:14 PM Nancy Stop being mean to me, im sorry i was mean
05:35:37 PM Nancy Your face is beautiful
05:35:34 PM Nancy Your face is beautiful
05:24:54 PM Nancy I want to talk to you erotically on ur whattsapp
04:38:22 PM Nancy Think about it
04:31:59 PM Nancy So that I can write you and you can just read without saying any thing
04:30:44 PM Nancy Allow me back on your whatsapp, and turn off the notification sounds and come back and check so often
04:26:07 PM Nancy A fantasy, and a mystery, to me.....
04:25:21 PM Nancy Because I love you, and the affection I have for you and the lust I have for you... Because you are an amazing woman
04:23:27 PM Nancy I want to free myself all in you, and on you, and over you, and with you number amounts of times over a few days
04:16:07 PM Nancy I would be extremely delicate with you at first out of respect for your allowing me all I want
04:13:09 PM Nancy In a bubble of fantasy outside of time but in the real for a prolonged moment so we can know each other
04:13:07 PM Nancy In a bubble of fantasy outside of time but in the real for a prolonged moment so we can know each other
04:11:17 PM Nancy And I will do the same for you afterwards and allow you to dominate me and do all you want
04:09:54 PM Nancy In total submission and allow me with you like a gift
04:08:25 PM Nancy Offer yourself up to me
04:07:18 PM Nancy I want to let myself go with you in you
04:06:14 PM Nancy At least once in our lives and have no regrets
04:05:39 PM Nancy So we can enjoy each other and talk
04:04:50 PM Nancy Come and see me in total trust and total allowance and willingness
04:02:55 PM Nancy Just a few days
04:02:15 PM Nancy I want you to come to Kansas City
04:01:25 PM Nancy Unlock me from your whatsapp
04:00:33 PM Nancy I so want this in the real
03:59:27 PM Nancy I want you in front of me allowing me anything
03:58:01 PM Nancy Because I know you have an important relationship with one other man whom you love dearly
03:57:01 PM I want us to make love for hours before we converse really for the first time together in the dark in bed as friends
03:55:13 PM With no speaking no talking before I get to know you
03:54:17 PM Nancy I want to take my pleasure with you and you to allow it and take your pleasure from it
03:52:22 PM Nancy I want you so intensely
03:51:11 PM Nancy I want you without use of words standing in front of me looking at me giving yourself up to me bcuz im gentle
03:47:54 PM Nancy Why does it make you so mad drop all your defenses for me
02:53:06 PM Test Test
02:10:02 PM Hurley Reminder Sunday 25th at 8:30 pm remove Hurleys food. Check in time for her surgery is Monday the 26th at 8 am. 734.6599
05:57:17 AM Textinghome.com what words? we havent spoken years.....
05:48:45 AM Textinghome.com Test
05:48:42 AM Textinghome.com Test
05:48:38 AM Textinghome.com Test
05:48:11 AM Textinghome.com testing
05:26:11 AM Textinghome.com hetgdfv
05:25:50 AM Textinghome.com test
05:25:31 AM Textinghome.com test
05:24:45 AM Textinghome.com test
05:23:19 AM Textinghome.com Testing
04:15:48 AM ..... https://youtu.be/VxqaI_c9j_g
04:14:51 AM im done u lost and i hope it was worth it to u. u never took the time
04:13:57 AM which will be very soon after im gone, hat will u use to comfort u then? maybe another dummy like me. but not me, i loved u deeply
04:12:41 AM notghing u must be quite proud of urself and feeling like king cock. hope it lasts for always. when she is done fucking u over...
04:11:31 AM u just keep me block as usual so u wont get caught.ive had enough of ur lies and bullshit. i gave u my heart and u trashed me. what now?
04:09:57 AM too bad u blew it huh? couldve been everything and more u ever dreamed of. i would have loved uso much given u so much, and now?
02:43:50 AM neospace You mean so much to me, I am just beginning to be able to put that in words.
02:41:15 AM 3plus4you You mean so much to me, I am just beginning to be able to put that in words.
01:49:16 AM Textinghome.com Is it supposed to feel this way after these pills & drinking.....I feel weird
01:01:29 AM test rextinghome dot com
12:13:47 AM Textinghome.com Happy birthday!! Wish we were celebrating like we did with Brian that night in the hot tub!
10:41:44 PM Sweety Hey Todd do want to hang out
08:29:32 PM Sex Hi bruh
01:23:27 PM pt here pt here
01:22:29 PM pt here pt here
05:47:40 AM text my mom phone charger piece broke off in phone



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