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Trouble Shooting

Can I Block Messages coming to my cell phone?

Yes. Just go here and enter your number.

Why aren't my messages going through?

  • First make sure your phone can recieve text messages from other numbers
  • Your phone is not setup to receive messages from non-cell numbers ie: 6 digit numbers (textinghome.com). If this is the case, call your cell phone company and have them remove that restriction.
  • The number is not on an North American cell phone network
  • What number does it say when the reciepient recieves the text message?

  • it will show up as 0000000000@textinghome.com
  • Not receiving text replies to textinghome.com

    1. It may be possible that the person you are texting is not available to reply.
    2. Verfy that you are using the send and receive service that requires logon Here
    3. After logging in check your contacts to verify that the correct number and carrier are selected.

    Unable to receive replies from MetroPCS

      Unfortunately we have been unable to receive any messages from metropcs

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